October 22, 2012

Criss Cross

SLH & BKK Part Two

Finally, I was able to take outfit shots at Bangkok! 
This time, I went with my sister Chen and boyfriend, Erick. I will post our travel photos soon!

This photo was taken at Pratunam, perfect for all shoppers!
I am wearing my favorite sneakers again! I've been a fan of basketball shoes ever since Erek gave me a pair of these. They are very comfortable and you can wear it with any casual outfit especially if you want to look carefree and playful.

And... thank God my feet didn't hurt after long, long walks because of these!

Sleeveless top from: Forever 21
Leggings from: Strings Manila SOON!
Sneakers: Lebron James 9 Summit Lake Hornets by Nike

I know. I gained few pounds because of those delightful Thai food. I can't get enough of them.
I don't have time to fix my hair. :p
Shots by Erick :)
(c) Paulina De Ramos Blog


  1. love your leggings!


  2. kelan po irerelease ung leggins? ♥ so cute!

  3. Nice! You look really good here. I have also started working out and was looking out for some leggings. Somebody told me that wearing printed tight or legging is better because it helps in hiding the garment line underneath. This is also a very nice legging and I would love to buy it.


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