April 26, 2012


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Thank God for this! Photo shoots are relaxing as tantamount to stress. But either way, I enjoy doing it. I asked Kristin again to work with me for another shoot and yeah, she agreed! We're both bored haha. Then I thought of something ancient and futuristic will be combined for a concept. I asked Trina and Jeanne if I could pull-out their theses. I am now the pull-out queen, lol. 
Drawing the streets of the city that never sleeps. While bringing back the undying beauty of Cleopatra collided with futuristic brights.
 I decided to put a blog link watermark on my photos now.
Behold the beauty of Cleopatra's gold.
Preserving the intricate work of art of the Nile with a bright-colored make-up look.
I did the make-up for the model on the left and Trina on the right. Kristin for the hair. Can you guess where we did the hair and make-up? :-)
Check out their blogs! Trina Awesome Dreamy Starlight
Amazing designs! The contrast of the past and present looked good together. Hurray for the first experimentation attempt!
The Dark Spark with flowy details. Cleopatra is now ready to ride the spaceship of time.
Ancient royal ensembles opt for a retro look to be the light of the crowd.
Kristin took this photo! Not in the photo again :( Anyway, the beautiful team! 
From left (me), Rots, Sam and Trina. They are fun to work with, I swear! 

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  1. I am the invisible photographer <3 Ang saya ng shoot, hahaha!


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