July 07, 2012


We dare you to PUSH IT!

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I remember those days.... I was inspired by the previous exhibits since 1st year and I always thought: "Wow, I want to be included at the outstanding thesis someday but, that's impossible. I know I won't make it." I had doubts about myself. There is a huge competition in CFAD and I am not endowed with the power of speech. Uh oh, defense defense! The jury 0_0 
8 months of preparation, 1 day of deliberation!

But then, I discovered something. My secret is just simple: LOVE YOUR WORK. Pour your heart into it and do your best in anything you can do. No room for mediocrity, you should know what you're capable of. :-) Sayang ang talent!
This is one of my best achievement in college. Thank God, I made it! I didn't quit, I continued to fight! (Haha) :-)

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