April 26, 2012

Paint My Lips

Aside from clothes, I have this huge obsession over MAC lipsticks. I have tons of 'em and I can't wait to have more! Thanks to my Aunt Jude for buying my lipsticks! So here is my first attempt for lipstick swatches that I have. I chose these three shades because it can brighten up the summer nights.
 Eeenie mini studio at home! I just used a cartolina. Thanks to my friend Manel Belaong, for teaching me this technique. :-) 
First three shades: Costa Chic, Morange and Impassioned.
 Costa Chic
(haha bad lipstick application, sorry)
This is the perfect shade for a tan because it flatters the skin color and brightens up your look. It has a Frost finish to make your lips not too dry from the heat of summer. You don't even need to put a gloss on it. It's not too bright or neon.
Even though it's too colored, it's one of my favorite shades for spring! It has an Amplified finish so it's quite pigmented, creamy but doesn't shimmer. I actually want to try Lady Danger next time, it almost has the same shade but it's matte and more on red. If you are playful with colors, this one is for you.
It is vibrant and overpowering. A happy color that goes well with any skin tone. Just be careful wearing it because your make-up might be too much. I use this lipstick whenever I'm in a rush or I'm too lazy to put make-up on.

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