April 19, 2012


Foresee what will come at hand through style.
Two-way Formal X Grunge.

Models: Kia Axibal and Daryl Catungal
Hair and Styling by: Yours Truly :-)
Make-up and Photography by: Kristin Cornejo
Formal Wear by: Djorella Vicente

*Some photos are raw.

Just when I was about to start compiling my portfolio, I noticed that I don't have a lot
for fashion, most of my works are about advertising. Good thing I have a good friend from CFAD, Kristin Cornejo who is a fashion photographer and make-up artist at the same time! Talented, right? Check out her blog www.dreamystarlight.tumblr.com and her page,
 Kristin Cornejo Photography I'm sure this lady would go to places!

The gowns we used are Djorella Vicente's designs for her thesis requirement. These are cocktail dresses that can be converted to a full-length gown. Perfect for those who want who want to save moolah from a formal event to partying. I wish I can wear one of these gowns someday, when I lose weight! Haha. I pulled out these gowns directly from Djorella's house. :-)

See the transformation of the cocktail dress to a lovely, elegant, flowing gown! 
This is my favorite piece.

The details of these Grecian inspired design is amazing. It can flatter your body shape.

Good thing I have this turquoise bangle! It is contrasting to the dress. I will buy more accessories to use it during shoots.

Can you guess who's behind the flowing dresses? :-)

Behind the lens with Kristin Cornejo, the awesome make-up artist slash photographer.
Our beautiful models: Daryl Catungal (L) Kia Axibal (R) 
Thank you so much, girls! :-) 

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