March 12, 2012

Behind the Brand: FIOREL

Here is what I've been working for months now and I'm really glad it's finally over!

This is my thesis, FIOREL: Shoes, bags and belts inspired by Philippine Exotic Flowers.

I can't remember why I actually came up with this idea. I do not personally love flowers but when I start doing my thesis, I suddenly got addicted to them. And I know flowers are common fashion inspiration but I added a little twist, which are exotic flowers found in the Philippines. Most of flower fashions are applied to clothing, this time it is applied to shoes, bags, and belts without literally adding some floral prints or pins.

                                Inspired by 6 beautiful exotic flowers in the Philippines:


Anyema Incarnatiflora

Jade Vine

Dillenia Monantha

Hoya Flower

Medinilla Magnifica

For the brand, I made it sophisticated and classy. Because classics never go out of style.

I'll be posting the products soon! :)


  1. Awesome thesis you git there! good job!

  2. Thank you! I'll be blogging about the products soon! And other fashion theses as well :)


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