March 13, 2012


So as promised, here is FIOREL's first collection!
My Outstanding Thesis! :-)

Art Direction: Paulina De Ramos
Styling: Paulina De Ramos
Hair/Make-up: Justine Concepcion (This girl is awesome, talented and fun to work with!)
Photographers: Nikko Nicolas and Angelico Forteza (Contact me if you want them as your photographers! They're great!)
Models: Rani Fernandez and Felisse Yupano (They are beautiful, fierce and professionals!)
Shoot Assistants: Kido Teodoro and my sister, Chen De Ramos (Yehey. thank you!)

I used my clothes and borrowed some of my cousin's for the styling of my thesis. I actually enjoyed doing it! Styling is love!

A huge thanks to my dad and mom for helping me with my thesis! :-) I am so happy and everything was worth it. My work will be featured on a thesis exhibit this coming July with my friends Samantha Gonzalez and Kido Teodoro. I just can't wait!
Waling-Waling is the Queen of the Philippine Orchids. I applied the lavender color of Waling for the body color. The texture of the flower petals served as the details of the clutch, shoes and belt. Perfect for formal events. This is one of the most common flower in the set.
The Hoya flower is a bright plant which is rarely seen in our country. The yellow color makes the set stand out in the rest. This one of their favorites based on my post-survey.
This flower has cute little buds with a light pink color. Women at young age likes this design. You can use it on casual days to vivify your look.
This is my favorite set! I like all of my designs but each one has a favorite right? Jade vine, I guess I saw this flower somewhere in Caleruega. I can't remember. It's beauty is mesmerizing. 
This set is perfect for working girls. Open toe heels, a buckle belt and a bigger bag for work.
Aahhh the elegance of the color red and gold looked perfectly together.
I hope you liked it! =)
xoxo, Pau

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