November 20, 2012

Tembeling Road

Singapore, Singapore

I'm so sorry for being such a "once-in-a-blue moon" blogger. I've been busy with my shop and my freelance work as a stylist in an upcoming indie film. I will make up to my blog posts, I promise!

East Coast of Singapore! I love that place. Everyone there is laid back and having an easy living. It is safe, transportation is really enjoying and I want to live there!

This is actually for my online shop's, Strings Manila look book. But hey, I have a blog to promote it so why not? I was a fan of tribal print clothing since last year until it has spread out to more Pinay fashionistas today. 
Top and leggings from: STRINGS MANILA

Photos by Jim De Ramos

                                               (C) Paulina de Ramos Blog

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