April 10, 2012

Thirdversary Part One

April 7, 2012

This is how Erick and I celebrated our Third Anniversary. Wait... what? Yes, third anniversary!
We did it again! We're both so happy. :D

This is actually the first part of our celebration because it's on a Black Saturday. We are planning to go to Manila Ocean Park next time for the second part! I can't wait. :-)

Since I haven't brought any gift for him, I decided to make a little surprise using my Photoshop skills. Minions! They are our favorite! Cute adorable minions wearing UST Engineering and CFAD uniform!

For his gift, he got me what I want! The Hunger Games Trilogy! Yey! :-)
And a special surprise which I really love and find it so cute, a bouquet of origami flowers made by him! I was touched by his effort! <3

We used his camera and without any idea, the size of the photos are programmed to size S which supposed to be L for better quality. But, it doesn't matter at least we took few good shots. Maybe next time!

Sang crazy and happy songs at Red Box, Trinoma! The employees are disturbing though, they keep on entering our room, that's why we can't sing our hearts out for so long. :(

Self-timer. Haha I have huge eyes here!

We ate at Pancake House because I'm on a strict diet! Haha. :D

After watching Wrath of the Titans, we finished the day off at Starbucks :-)
Yehey! Fun fun day!
xoxo, Pau

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