March 24, 2012

Have A Cup of Awesome!


My milk tea and blogger buddy, Kido and I were planning to create a blog post about this place few months ago. But since we're busy with our thesis, we don't have much time.
Then finally, it's our last day! We brought our cameras with us so we decided to take photos of our favorite milk tea place!

Located at cor. P.Noval near UST!
My favorite milk tea around UST corner because of its unique menu, feel-good place, plus the people behind it.

I love the place, the atmosphere and the free Wi-Fi!

Behind the Scenes. Before the Shoot. Haha. Whatever. Good thing we're only the customers that time.

One of my favorite drinks, Cocoa Mousse-tache!

My favorite part of the place, the grass! You can even sit on it.

My very good amazing friend, Kido with Ate :-) Visit his blog!

The fail blurred shot. Thanks, Kido. :| Haha.

Joe Monkey helped me to get through with my thesis! I spent a lot of time there doing research, editing, plus it is only beside The Lord's Printshoppe. CFAD students know what I mean. :-)
xoxo, Pau

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