August 27, 2013


Redondo Beach, CA

Hurray! My first blog post about my USA trip! Though my stay in LA is a bit busy, I make sure that I take outfit photos. I need to take advantage of the cold, breezy weather (how is it connected to a photo) and beautiful sceneries (this is only shot at Lawndale neighborhood) Well, whatever. 
I am free to wear whatever I want in LA because I notice that people don't care. But I opt to wear casual clothes because it's comfortable to move especially when you go shopping to Costco and Target (my favorite).
This was taken at 7 in the evening but the sun is still out. More time to go out, more time to take outfit shots! Maybe we should practice daylight saving in our country.
YSL Top: Strings Manila SOON!
Jeans: Topshop
Crochet Cardigan: Forever 21
Sneakers: H&M

(c) Pau De Ramos Blog


  1. great casual outfit!!!

  2. so cutie!! great outfit!!!

    xoxo sivi

  3. I love your top! I have the same sneakers from H&M but mine's white. haha Btw dear, do you join bazaars? :) Coz I'm looking for someone who can share a booth with me in the upcoming Grand Bazaar at Eton, Centris. Let me know if you're interested! :)


  4. you look very cute in that outfit!
    love the color of your cover-up :)

    check out my webbie and let me know if you want to follow each other ;)
    just leave a comment.

  5. Nice .... Experience Redondo Beach, Ca. whooohooo Don't forget to visit my home town Huntington Beach,Ca. you'll love the ambient and the people there ! Don't forget your Rollerblades :) especially the food ! :) if you stop by Newport Beach in Orange County, you'll have a awesome experience as well. Have Fun !

  6. LA is so beautiful! That sunlight is so pretty!


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